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A Popcorn Bar?

Something a lot of brides are doing these days is a Candy Bar!  This is where there is a table set up with a variety of jars with a variety of candy that guests can take home.  In essance it is a wedding favor for the guests and many times the bride and groom have supplies cute bags for the guests to fill.

But what about a Popcorn Bar?!?! 

There are many companies who offer gourmet popcorn in different flavors.  So instead of a table of candy……a table with different flavored gourmet popcorn and cute little containers for the guest to take home.  As part of the decor on the table you could even rent a little old fashioned popcorn machine!

Here are a few sites who sell gourmet popcorn:


Garrett Popcorn

Dale & Thomas

Harry & David


This is a great DIY project!  You can find unique glass jars in different sizes at places like Hobby Lobby, make your own custom label with the flavor to put on the jar and fill it!

To do this DIY project:

1.  Order your gourmet popcorn of choice

2. Buy custom containers (Tins, glass jars, ect…) to put the popcorn in

3.  Order containers for the guests to put the popcorn in

4.  Design and print custom lables for the different kinds of popcorn

5.  Design matching lables for the containers for the guests

6.  Make sure to bring something for the guests to scoop the popcorn up with!

7.  Put it all together!


popcorn collage


You can order many different kinds of containers for the guests to fill depending on your style and the overall theme of your wedding.  

~  The orginal popcorn box

~ Cute little white box with a custom lable

~ paper cones

~ Clear plastic bags with a custom lable

~ Tin with custom lable

Any way you do it, it’s a fun fresh idea for any wedding!


*photos are from the following sites:,,,,,,,,,,

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October 6, 2009 - 8:50 pm Mindy - Fabulous! This is a great idea, and my guess is that it might be more cost-effective than some other favor ideas.

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